Onion Hair Oil Manufacturers, Benefits of onion hair oil

Benefits of onion hair oil

Magical benefits of using onion hair oil

Hair Fall is a major issue, almost all the ladies are sick and tired of counting the amount of hair they lose every day. Hairfall doesn’t come alone, it is accompanied with other scalp issues which includes dandruff, baldness, hair thinning and greying.

Of course, pollution is the main culprit, we do get exposed to pollution every single day, no matter how much we try to protect our hair by wrapping around a scraf or using a heat protectant. It still gets damaged and loses its natural shine slowly day by day. Also, the water is a big issue, hard and polluted water takes a toll on your hair, it not only makes the strands weak and lifeless but also drains out the natural oil from hair, making it prone to breakage. We cannot do anything about the pollution, but we can surely take extra care of our hair by using all natural and homemade solutions to prevent hair fall and hair damage. Keep scrolling to find out more about the magical hair oil to solve all your hair issues.

Onion oil is a proven remedy to boost hair regrowth and prevent hair fall. This is a widely used Ayurvedic solution to ensure healthy and thick hair. All you need is a continuous dedication to apply this hair oil regularly. Also, don’t forget to eat a clean nutrient-packed diet along with using this magical hair oil.

Benfits Of Onion Hair Oil

Here are 9 benefits of using onion oil: 

Onion juice helps in effectively optimizing hair growth cycle due to the presence of plenty of antioxidants which particularly works for boosting the functioning of certain enzymes that work together in preventing hair fall. It is a magical oil for promoting hair regrowth. Using onion oil on a regular basis will effectively prevent and treat baldness.

Onion oil is rich in sulfur which prevents breakage, split ends and thinning of hair. Other nutrients present in onion prevents oxidation of hair. It also maintains the regular pH of the hair, preventing premature greying.

Onion juice also ensures that your hair is well nourished, and due to the presence of sulfur the quality of hair follicles are also improved. It nourishes your scalp and improves the blood circulation, thus ensuring thicker and stronger hair growth.

Regular use of onion oil in your crown area will effectively promote hair regrowth in that area and also will prevent any bacterial infections or dandruff. Onion oil is also useful if you want to increase the length of your hair, it is a cost-saving solution which will make your hair stronger and healthier, also will promote quick hair growth.

Onion oil can be mixed with any carrier oil to increase its benefits, you can mix onion with olive or coconut oil to enjoy better benefits. Onion oil will also ensure that you have a shiny and healthy hair.

Onion oil nourishes your scalp and can be used as a conditioner, before your shampoo. It acts as a natural conditioner that prevents dryness and controls frizz.

REd Onion Hair Oil Manufacturers

How to use onion oil on your scalp and hair:

It is always best to extract the juice of small sized onions at home to ensure that to get the direct benefit of onions without any added chemicals. To treat baldness, use few drops of oil in your palm and massage it into scalp for good 15-20 mins. Let the oil sit in your hair for a few hours and then rinse it off with natural shampoo. Repeat the process every two days to enjoy the quick benefit.

Onion oil can be mixed with any of your favourite carrier oil, like raw coconut oil to enjoy its double benefits. You can warm onion oil mixed with coconut oil and massage it all over your scalp and length. Keep it overnight and then rinse it well with organic shampoo. It will condition your hair, prevent hair fall, make your hair stronger and also will boost hair regrowth.

Try these easy methods of using onion oil at home and enjoy its innumerable benefits.

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